Episode 115: The Big Muddy Monster

Welcome back to Mysteries and Monsters! On this week’s show, I welcome back authors and investigators Chad Lewis and Kevin Lee Nelson, alongside film director Joe Tury to discuss the mysterious case of Murphysboro’s Big Muddy Monster. Joe has recently released a brilliant documentary, entitled Creature From Big Muddy: An Illinois Bigfoot Legend looking atContinue reading “Episode 115: The Big Muddy Monster”

Episode 114: UAPs and the Truth Embargo with Stephen Bassett and Darcy Weir

Welcome back to Mysteries and Monsters!   This week, I am delighted to welcome Stephen Bassett alongside filmaker Darcy Weir to discuss a variety of topics, including Darcy’s new documentary Volcanic UFO Mysteries.   The new documentary features some frankly stunning footage captured by the Mexican authorities from their volcano monitoring systems. With interviews withContinue reading “Episode 114: UAPs and the Truth Embargo with Stephen Bassett and Darcy Weir”

Episode 113: The Ruskington Horror with Dr Rob Gandy

On this week’s show it is a welcome return to Dr Rob Gandy to discuss the mysterious Ruskington Horror in Lincolnshire. Since this case came to prominence after appearing on ITV’s This Morning in 1999, numerous witness have been brave enough to come forward to discuss their strange encounters . Just what is terrifying motoristsContinue reading “Episode 113: The Ruskington Horror with Dr Rob Gandy”

Episode 112: Robert Lindsy Milne

As February draws to a close, I am joined by Canadian psychic Robert Lindsy Milne to discuss his career over the last 6 decades and the journey he has undergone throughout that time.   From starting out realising that perhaps he was tuned into something different at an early agge, Robert’s life saw him endContinue reading “Episode 112: Robert Lindsy Milne”

Episode 111: Amanda Woomer from Spook Eats

This week I am joined by Amanda Woomer the power behind Spook Eats.   Amanda is the author of 5 books, including the fabulous “Haunted Atlas of Western New York” which is a fantastic guide to the haunted locations of New York state where you can also tantalise your tastebuds as well as getting yourContinue reading “Episode 111: Amanda Woomer from Spook Eats”

Episode 110: The MacIntosh Stone with Ron Radamacher

Welcome back to Mysteries and Monsters.   After diving into the world of monsters last week, we delve into a mysterious item found upon the shores of Michigan’s Upper Penisula. Known as the MacIntosh stone, this small, etched stone was discovered simply laying on ground, waiting to be rediscovered.   On it are some strangeContinue reading “Episode 110: The MacIntosh Stone with Ron Radamacher”

Episode 109: The Olympic Project and Darcy Weir

Welcome back to Mysteries and Monsters.   This week, we return to the world of Cryptozoology and I am delighted to be joined by two key members of the Olympic Project, David Ellis and Shane Corson, alongside filmaker Darcy Weir.   Since I started the show, I have wanted to have someone from the OlympicContinue reading “Episode 109: The Olympic Project and Darcy Weir”

Episode 103: Krissy Eliot (Plant Intelligence)

As we end the year, we welcome back Krissy Eliot to discuss the possibilities of the intelligence of plants. Krissy has just written a fantastic article for Edge Science magazine that looks in to the potential for sentience in plant life. Whilst these cutting edge theories have been on the fringes of science for centuries,Continue reading “Episode 103: Krissy Eliot (Plant Intelligence)”

Episode 100: Part One

Welcome to Mysteries and Monsters.   This week, we hit the big 100th episode so as a thank you to you all, I have asked some of my favourite guests to offer a story, be it a personal investigation or case that they love for you to enjoy, so we have 17 contributions covering Ghosts,Continue reading “Episode 100: Part One”

Episode 100: Part Two

As we continue the 100th Episode special we have another great collection of star studded contributions. On this part we are joined by Lyle Blackburn who tells of the frightening encounter Terry Sutton had in Boggy Creek, Andy Gilbert covers two of his favourite ghost stories from his brilliant Credible Witness books which featured firstContinue reading “Episode 100: Part Two”