Episode 100: Part One

Welcome to Mysteries and Monsters.   This week, we hit the big 100th episode so as a thank you to you all, I have asked some of my favourite guests to offer a story, be it a personal investigation or case that they love for you to enjoy, so we have 17 contributions covering Ghosts, UFO’s, Bigfoot, ABC’s, Wendigo’s and much more.  

As such, I ended up getting such a great collection of contributions I had to make it a two part special, as I appreciate a 4 hour episode may not be everyone’s cup of tea!!  

So in part one, we will hear from David Weatherly discussing both the intriguing Zanfretta UFO case and the mystery of Lovelock cave, Allison Jornlin’s personal encounter in Milwaukee Public Museum, Luke Phillips covering the Beast of Sydneham case from 2005, Dr. David Clarke takes us back to Rendleham Forest, Ken Gerhard takes us on the hunt for a Chupacabra that turned out to be something else entirely, Stu Neville gives us the scares with his overview of the monstrous Black Cat of Kilakee, Krissy Eliot gives us a tale of furry trouts and Jackie Tonks offers a personal encounter of a ghostly encounter on a paranormal investigation and a witness interview about a Russian pet Almasty.   

A massive thank you to everyone for their contributions and don’t forget to check out the second part of the 100th episode. 

David Weatherly’s site  

Allison Jornlin’s YouTube channel  

Luke Phillips’s books

David Clarke’s podcast

Ken Gerhard’s site

Krissy Eliot’s site

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