Episode 100: Part Two

As we continue the 100th Episode special we have another great collection of star studded contributions.

On this part we are joined by Lyle Blackburn who tells of the frightening encounter Terry Sutton had in Boggy Creek, Andy Gilbert covers two of his favourite ghost stories from his brilliant Credible Witness books which featured first hand witness accounts from serving police officers, Brennan Storr talks to us about the mystery of shared dreams in Revelstoke, Morgan Knudsen covers an ongoing mystery featuring the Wendigo, Chad Lewis takes us on a spooky trip to the haunted Elk Lake Dam, Micah Hanks asks us to join him on a trip back to Bluff Creek in 1967 and to finish the show, Stu Neville gives us a frightening personal encounter with a shadowy entity.

Lyle Blackburn’s website

Andy Gilberts Credible witness books

The Ghost Story Guys

Morgan Knudsen’s website

Micah Hanks’s website

Chad Lewis’s website

Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who sent me contributions and their time to help me celebrate the 100th episode of Mysteries and Monsters and I hope you enjoy all the segments.

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