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Episode 148: Spontaneous Human Combustion with Larry Arnold

This week, I dive into a subject that has always fascinated me, Spontaneous Human Combustion. I remember seeing what remained of Dr. John Bentley whose remains were discovered in December 1966 and that image has stayed with me all my life.  I’m joined by investigator and author Larry Arnold to discuss this peculiar and terrifyingContinue reading “Episode 148: Spontaneous Human Combustion with Larry Arnold”

Episode 144 Stalking the Herd with Christopher O’Brien

This week, I am joined by author, researcher and investigator, Christopher O’Brien. Chris has been investigating strange events, anomalous phenomena and cryptids for over 30 years and has collated a whole history of the cattle mutalations that have plagued farmers ranchers across the world. Chris and I cover several cases, his investigati began sons, someContinue reading “Episode 144 Stalking the Herd with Christopher O’Brien”

Episode 143: Desert Bigfoot with Bruce Champagne

On this weeks show, I am delighted to be able to welcome Bruce Champagne to Mysteries and Monsters.  Bruce has spent years investigating reports of encounters and sightings of hominids in locations many would unaware of, the vast expanses of desert terrain across North America.  Despite the modern perception that you’re more likely to encounterContinue reading “Episode 143: Desert Bigfoot with Bruce Champagne”

Episode 141: The Hunt for Bigfoot with Shelly Covington-Montana

On this week’s show I am delighted to be joined by researcher, investigator and experiencer, Shelly Covington-Montana. Shelly is a native Texas who Is known as a wilderness and wildlife enthusiast with a passion for conservation and preservation. Her search for the truth has committed her to constantly improving her education thru the Citizen Sciences.Continue reading “Episode 141: The Hunt for Bigfoot with Shelly Covington-Montana”

Episode 140: Bigfoot in Maine with Michelle Souliere

On this week’s show we journey to the Eastern shores of the USA in the company of author, illustrator and the owner of the marvellous Green Hand books, Michelle Souliere. Michelle has recently released her second book, “Bigfoot in Maine” which is a collection of first hand accounts from residents who have an experience theyContinue reading “Episode 140: Bigfoot in Maine with Michelle Souliere”


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