Episode 237: The Chilling with Lindsey Brisbine

Kent, Ohio may not strike you as place full of haunted locations but it certainly seems to be somewhere where the supernatural lurk behind the facades of normality. Haunted houses are never as obvious as the entertainment industry likes to portray and my guest today knows that better than most. When Lindsey Brisbine and herContinue reading “Episode 237: The Chilling with Lindsey Brisbine”

Episode 236: Triangular UFOs in the United Kingdom with Colin Saunders

In 1999 Colin Saunders was on his way home when he and is family had an encounter that changed their lives. The sighting set Colin on a journey of discovery and made him question everything he knew. In his new book, Colin recounts his encounter along with publishing another 130 encounters from around the UKContinue reading “Episode 236: Triangular UFOs in the United Kingdom with Colin Saunders”

Episode 235: Hanging With Vampires with Insha Fitzpatrick

On this episode we return to the subject of Vampires in the company of author and graphic novelist Insha Fitzpatrick. With a growing reputation in the young adult literature field, Insha has now embarked on a new series of books under the “A Totally Factual Field Guide To The Supernatural” and the first one focusesContinue reading “Episode 235: Hanging With Vampires with Insha Fitzpatrick”

Episode 234: The Bothell House Poltergeist Part Two with Keith Linder

We return to Washington State to continue our interview with Keith Linder as we revist to the home he shared with his partner and something else. In the concluding part of our interview, Keith explains how things went from bad to worse, investigators come and go, the haunting reaches dangerous levels and an appearance onContinue reading “Episode 234: The Bothell House Poltergeist Part Two with Keith Linder”

Episode 233: Watching The Weird with Stu Neville

On todays show, the Fortean Times televison reviewer Stu Neville returns as we cast our memories back to look at some of the older fortean TV shows as well as considering the situation with the current shows available. From the classic shows In Search Of and Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World, the mid 90s resurgenceContinue reading “Episode 233: Watching The Weird with Stu Neville”

Episode 232: Sky Crash with Philip Kinsella

Anyone remotely interested in the subject of Ufology will be well aware of the alleged incidents that occurred over Rendlesham Forest in the Christmas of 1980. Yet, the area has has a longer history of strange events covering a variety of phenomena. Those events were simply the tip of the iceberg and Brenda Butler cataloguedContinue reading “Episode 232: Sky Crash with Philip Kinsella”

Episode 231: West Virginia Bigfoot with Dr Russell Jones

Many may suspect that West Virginia is home to only one type of cryptid, but looks can be decieving. The Mountain State is a hotbed of alleged Bigfoot activity all across the state and reported on for decades. Joining me to discuss his work and methods in the field is Dr Russell Jones. A certifiedContinue reading “Episode 231: West Virginia Bigfoot with Dr Russell Jones”

Episode 230: The Polychronicon Of Merlin, Joseph & Arthur with Mark Olly

Imagine the most popular heroic story ever written, one which spans three millennia & goes to the very heart of the largest religion in the world, but which has now almost entirely devolved into myth. Ignored & avoided by the establishment, shunned & unexplored by archaeologists & historians, consigned to the back-rooms of academic study,Continue reading “Episode 230: The Polychronicon Of Merlin, Joseph & Arthur with Mark Olly”

Episode 229: Alien Hunter Derrel Sims

When the modern UFO age began, numerous contactees claimed that visitors were coming to eearht to save us, spread a doctrine of peace and love an illuminate our lives before we destroyed ourselves in a nuclear war. As the decades rolled on however, a more negative, disturbing a frightening agenda seemed to be taking hold.Continue reading “Episode 229: Alien Hunter Derrel Sims”

Episode 228: International Cryptids and Legends with Kenney W Irish

I welcome back author Kenney W Irish to discuss his latest book, International Cryptids and Legends and some of the creatures, myths and legends he covers inside it. The book shine’s a light on some particular countries that often get overlooked when we look in to some of the more notable international cryptids. Often Nessie,Continue reading “Episode 228: International Cryptids and Legends with Kenney W Irish”