Episode 221: Haunted Edinburgh with Graeme Milne

On this episode, we head to capital of Scotland in the company of Ghost Tour guide Graeme Milne. Edinburgh is a city with an almost unmatched paranormal reputationbuilt on top of its bloody and shocking history. Graeme cut his teeth collecting ghost stories from Aberdeenshire before moving on to Edinburgh and we’ve discuss a wideContinue reading “Episode 221: Haunted Edinburgh with Graeme Milne”

Episode 220: One Foot In The Green with Brett Manning

On this episode I am delighted to welcome artist, author and designer Brett Manning. Brett has built a reputation as a creator of wonder pieces of art and design over the last decade and has recently released the fabulous book “One Foot In The Green”. The book is wonderful compendium of magical and mystical creaturesContinue reading “Episode 220: One Foot In The Green with Brett Manning”

Episode 219: Author Denver Michaels

Denver Michaels  is an author with a passion for cryptozoology, the paranormal, lost  civilizations and ancient history, and all things unexplained and back in the spring of 2020 and now travel the country full time in an RV. Denver joins me to update me on his travels and some of the locations they’ve visited sinceContinue reading “Episode 219: Author Denver Michaels”

Episode 218: The Falkland Hill UFO Incident with Malcolm Robinson

September 1996 and an alleged UFO incident occurred that challenged the belief of even the most open minded researchers and investigators and offered the most controversial report of the 1990s in the UK. 4 people, two adults and two children all witnessed strange lights, saw odd creatures and perhaps even had something else occur toContinue reading “Episode 218: The Falkland Hill UFO Incident with Malcolm Robinson”

Episode 217: Haunted Hotels and Hell Hounds with Kevin Lee Nelson

I’m delighted to welcome Kevin Lee Nelson for his first solo appearance on the show and his third overall. Previously we’ve dived in to Wendigo and the Big Muddy Monster but on this episode things are firmly in the realm of the supernatural. Kevin has had a long interest in ghosts and hauntings and lovesContinue reading “Episode 217: Haunted Hotels and Hell Hounds with Kevin Lee Nelson”

Episode 216: Cryptids with Ken Gerhard

It’s a warm welcome back to one of my favourite guests Ken Gerhard for a long overdue catch up since his last appearance back on Episode 120! Ken’s had a hectic year with conferences, filming, expeditions and more and gives us a break down of some of the things he’s been up to this year.Continue reading “Episode 216: Cryptids with Ken Gerhard”

Episode 215: A Ghostly Christmas

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas one and all. As an extra treat this year, here’s 3 scary stories to give you the chills over the festive period. Fear not, the usual episodes will continue as always over Christmas and have I got a cracker lined up. Thank you as always for your support, kind wordsContinue reading “Episode 215: A Ghostly Christmas”

Episode 214: Beast Hunter with Pat Spain

On today’s episode I am delighted to be joined by someone who I’ve always wanted to speak with since I first saw him as the host of the criminally underated Beast Hunter over a decade ago. As the great-nephew of Charles Fort, Pat Spain has always has a thirst for the strange and the unusualContinue reading “Episode 214: Beast Hunter with Pat Spain”

Episode 213: Texas Bigfoot with Lyle Blackburn

They say everything is bigger in Texas and it seems that could even apply to the hundreds of stories about encounters with large, hairy bipedal creatures wandering around the Lone Star State. The history of such encounters goes back over 200 years and encapsulates all kinds of encounters, from threatening appearances, major local media flaps,Continue reading “Episode 213: Texas Bigfoot with Lyle Blackburn”

Episode 212: The Search For The Orang Pendek with Richard Freeman

Richard Freeman returns to the show to update us on the exciting expedition he has just returned from on the hunt for the Orang Pendek in Sumatra. Richard, Carl Marshall and Geordie Jackson, along with their guide Dally spent a month staking out several locations on behalf of the CFZ on the first of severalContinue reading “Episode 212: The Search For The Orang Pendek with Richard Freeman”