Episode 191: Aperture In The Veil with Lady Ann Selene

On today’s episode I am delighted to welcome Lady Ann Selene to the show to dive in to her haunted history and lifetime of paranormal encounters that she has covered in her debut book “Aperture In The Veil”. Lady Ann takes us through ghost hunting, encounters with Shadow People and playing with homemade ouija boards.Continue reading “Episode 191: Aperture In The Veil with Lady Ann Selene”

Episode 190: Witch Life with Emma Kathryn

This week we return to the world of witchcraft in the company of British witch, obeah woman and vodouisant Emma Kathryn, practising a mix of traditions that fully represents her heritage. In her new book, Witch Life Emma offers the perfect tool for making your practice thrive, even in the busiest times and presents spellsContinue reading “Episode 190: Witch Life with Emma Kathryn”

Episode 189: Cowboys and Monsters with John Lemay

When we think of creatures like Vampires, Werewolves and Mummies, our thoughts take us to Europe, China and northern Africa as our location. Yet, author and researcher John Lemay has uncovered hundreds of cases of accounts of strange encounters all across the United States throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries in his excellent seriesContinue reading “Episode 189: Cowboys and Monsters with John Lemay”

Episode 188: Canadian Monsters and Mysteries with W T Watson

On today’s show we head out to Canada on the hunt for all manner of strange phenomena across this vast and mysterious land in the company of our good friend W T Watson. From stories of merpeople, lake and sea monsters, to legends of giant snakes hiding in underground burrows and even several members ofContinue reading “Episode 188: Canadian Monsters and Mysteries with W T Watson”

Episode 187: Crystal Skulls with Mark Olly

In a time when the world realised just how fragile it is, author and archeologist Mark Olly’s new book “Crystal Skulls and Human Heads” brings a new view of what it means to be human, what the planet really is, how extinction is simply a part of nature and how the whole of life weContinue reading “Episode 187: Crystal Skulls with Mark Olly”

Episode 186: The Black Monks of Accrington with Craig Bryant

On todays show, we visit the county of Lancashire in the company of author and researcher Craig Bryant. Craig has been collecting first hand accounts and investigating historical accounts from the areas surrounding Accrington and the county of Lancashire for the last few years in his first two books. Craig covers the infamous and tragicContinue reading “Episode 186: The Black Monks of Accrington with Craig Bryant”

Episode 185: Paranormal Minnesota with Chad Lewis

This week, we take a trip to the Gopher State on the hunt of many a strange tale in the company of our good friend Chad Lewis. Minnesota it seems, is a little shy when it comes to promoting some of its scarier residents, which may come as a suprise for a state which isContinue reading “Episode 185: Paranormal Minnesota with Chad Lewis”

Episode 184: Seeking Faery with Emily Carding

On this episode we return to the world of the Fae in the company of author, actor and illustrator Emily Carding. The book delves into magik, history and folklore of a variety of the fae population from Pixies, Will’o The Wisps, The Sidhe and many more of these magical beings. The book also is beautifullyContinue reading “Episode 184: Seeking Faery with Emily Carding”

Episode 183: Lights, Camera, Witchcraft with Heather Greene

On this episode, I am joined by author and academic Heather Greene to immerse ourselves in the portrayal of Witches in American cinema and television since the birth of moving pictures. We discuss some of the most important performances from The Wizard of Oz, I Married a Witch, Bell, Book and Candle to Carrie, Rosemary’sContinue reading “Episode 183: Lights, Camera, Witchcraft with Heather Greene”

Episode 182: Philip Mantle UFO Landings UK

It’s a warm welcome back to UFO researcher, author and publisher Philip Mantle on this weeks show as we uncover some of the UK’s lesser known UFO encounters from history. Philip’s new book has tens of fascinating cases that many people may not be aware of and we discuss some of my favourites from theContinue reading “Episode 182: Philip Mantle UFO Landings UK”