Episode 128: Bigfoot with Amy Bue

It’s a welcome return to the search for Bigfoot with the wonderful Amy Bue. Amy has made a name for herself in the last decade as a diligent, humble and driven researcher in the field of cryptozoology.   Since witnessing a strange creature whilst driving in Ohio ten years ago, Amy has dedicated herself toContinue reading “Episode 128: Bigfoot with Amy Bue”

Episode 127: The Possession of Elizabeth Knapp with M.R. Gorga

Possession is something that for many of us, seems too incredible to contemplate, to outlandish to even consider or maybe to frightening to accept as real. Throuhgout the ages, such cases often become notorious and many of them have become well known yet one seems to have slipped through the cracks, the case of ElizabethContinue reading “Episode 127: The Possession of Elizabeth Knapp with M.R. Gorga”

Episode 126: On The Search For Dragons with Richard Freeman

This week, our good friend Richard Freeman re-joins us to discuss the history of Dragons, a creature that has haunted humanity’s dreams since time began. From Asia to Australia, Europe to the America’s, tales of Dragons go back centuries, yet even in this modern era, people are incrdibly still claiming to see Dragons. Richard takesContinue reading “Episode 126: On The Search For Dragons with Richard Freeman”

Episode 125: Cryptids of New Zealand with Tony Healy.

This week, it is a warm welcome back to Australian fortean researcher Tony Heal who takes us a on a globe trotting monster hunt. Tony opens his files from 50 years of research and investigation to cover a country whose cryptids are hardly known of, New Zealand. Tony takes on the search for tales ofContinue reading “Episode 125: Cryptids of New Zealand with Tony Healy.”

Episode 124: Paranormal Researcher Morgan Knudsen

It’s a warm welcome back to Canadian paranormal researcher, investigator, lecturer and author Morgan Knudsen.   Morgan is well known to anyone who watches Paranormal 911 and Haunted Hospitals on Discovery as well as growing reputation in the field of paranormal research.   With a slant on what can cause a haunting, we discuss aContinue reading “Episode 124: Paranormal Researcher Morgan Knudsen”

Episode 123: Monsters of the Tar Heel State with David Weatherly

David Weatherly’s 5th book in his expanding State Monsters series takes us to one of the original 13 colonies, North Carolina, a state close to David’s heart as he grew up here.   The Tar Heel state may not have the reputation of the some the USA’s more notable cryptid hotbeds but you only haveContinue reading “Episode 123: Monsters of the Tar Heel State with David Weatherly”

Episode 122: Psychic and Paranormal Investigator John Russell

This week, I’m joined by American psychic and paranormal investigator John Russell from his home in Florida. John has been immersed in the paranormal since an encounter as a small boy in his family home in Texas. A ghostly visitor awakened John’s interest and his life has embraced his interest and experiences ever since. AsContinue reading “Episode 122: Psychic and Paranormal Investigator John Russell”

Episode 121: The Van Meter Monster with Chad Lewis

We all love a good monster mystery and some stand out from the majority either because they were so weird, so unusual or simply arrived and disappeared in a short space of time.   From the Dover Demon, to the Enfield Horror and one of my favourites, the Fresno Nightcrawler, unique cryptids are rarely spottedContinue reading “Episode 121: The Van Meter Monster with Chad Lewis”

Episode 120: The Loch Ness Monster with Ken Gerhard

After two years, we finally tackle the UK’s most famous cryptid in the company of Ken Gerhard. Ken has recently released his latest book “The Essential Guide To Loch Ness and other Aquatic Cryptids” and we dive into the history of Nessie since she first came to the media’s attention in 1933.   We coverContinue reading “Episode 120: The Loch Ness Monster with Ken Gerhard”

Episode 119: The Wold Newton Triangle with Charles Christian

It’s been a while since we dove into the world of Folklore but when you have an area steeped in unusual legends, mysteries and of course, monsters on your doorstep its hard to resist. Author and researcher, Charles Christian joins me today to examine the weird and wonderful history of an area known as theContinue reading “Episode 119: The Wold Newton Triangle with Charles Christian”