Episode 201: The Flying Saucer Investigators with Charles Lear

Just after World War II, it seemed that people began to see something strange in the skies all across the world. From the summer of 1947, we officially entered the age of the UFOs. Over the next twenty years, sightings and encounters were reported across the enire world, people claimed to have spoken with aliensContinue reading “Episode 201: The Flying Saucer Investigators with Charles Lear”

Episode 200: Creepy Cryptids and UFOs with Stan Gordon

As we hit 200 episodes, I welcome back one of my most popular guests for his second appearance on the show, the one and only Stan Gordon. Stan has been investigating and researching strange phenomena in Pennsylvania for decades and has become one of the most knowledgeable and respected investigators in fortean world. His workContinue reading “Episode 200: Creepy Cryptids and UFOs with Stan Gordon”

Episode 199: The Gift of Instinct with Morgan Knudsen

We return to the world of the paranormal as our good friend Morgan Knudsen returns to talk all things parapsychology and her fabulous new book, “The Gift Of Instinct”. In her latest book, Morgan unravels the moden misconceptions of negativity, fear and terror that seem to have seeped in to the modern cultural presentations ofContinue reading “Episode 199: The Gift of Instinct with Morgan Knudsen”

Episode 198: Bigfoot and Black Shapes with Stu Neville

The UK has had a long history of strange encounters with black, hulking shapes that leave the witnesses or experiencers shaken to the core. To some, these encounters are being manipulated to fit an agenda of promoting their stance that Bigfoot has crossed the Atlantic to take up residency here in the British Isles, yetContinue reading “Episode 198: Bigfoot and Black Shapes with Stu Neville”

Episode 197: Haunted Heirlooms with Anna Maria Manolo

Paranormal history is littered with numerous stories of hauntings associated with numerous inanimate objects from every populated continent in the world. From drums, chairs, walking sticks and countless dolls, it seems ghosts are quiet happy to use an object as a tether to the world. In her new book, Haunted Heirlooms, author Anna Maria ManoloContinue reading “Episode 197: Haunted Heirlooms with Anna Maria Manolo”

Episode 196: Dying Light: Near Death Experiences with Jason Hewlett

When we consider what may happen to us when we die, many people over the years have claimed to have been able to have a glimpse of what could await us on the other side through a Near Death Experience (NDEs). Since the 1960’s this phenomena has been discussed, collected and investigated from across theContinue reading “Episode 196: Dying Light: Near Death Experiences with Jason Hewlett”

Episode 195: Bigfoot and Dogman with Shetan Noir

On todays episode, I’m joined by researcher, investigator and author Shetan Noir. With a long held interest in cryptozoology and strange things, Shetan has spent a lifetime looking into mysteries from all realms of the paranormal. We take a trip to the Great Lakes on the hunt for mysterious disappearances, lake monsters and a famousContinue reading “Episode 195: Bigfoot and Dogman with Shetan Noir”

Episode 194: UFOs at the Drive In with Preston Dennett

This week I welcome back Ufologist and author Preston Dennett to cover two of his more recent books and both offer us some amazing encounters. In the first half of the show, we dive into covering some incredible first hand witness accounts from across North America by people visiting their local drive in theatres includingContinue reading “Episode 194: UFOs at the Drive In with Preston Dennett”

Episode 193: Marine Monsters and Mysteries with Max Hawthorne

On today’s episode, we head for the high seas on the hunt for a variety of monstrous creatures lurking in the depths of the worlds oceans in the company of author Max Hawthorne.  Max discusses some of the incredible encounters and witnesses that experienced things that changed there lives all around the world. We’ve aContinue reading “Episode 193: Marine Monsters and Mysteries with Max Hawthorne”

Episode 192: Strange Waters with Rowena Amos

On this episode, I am joined by writer and film producer Rowena Amos, whose new short film “Strange Waters” has been garnering rave reviews at numerous film festivals all year. This short supernatural thriller is set on one of the sea forts in the Solent which have a history of being haunted and follows fiveContinue reading “Episode 192: Strange Waters with Rowena Amos”