Episode 113: The Ruskington Horror with Dr Rob Gandy

On this week’s show it is a welcome return to Dr Rob Gandy to discuss the mysterious Ruskington Horror in Lincolnshire. Since this case came to prominence after appearing on ITV’s This Morning in 1999, numerous witness have been brave enough to come forward to discuss their strange encounters . Just what is terrifying motoristsContinue reading “Episode 113: The Ruskington Horror with Dr Rob Gandy”

Episode 112: Robert Lindsy Milne

As February draws to a close, I am joined by Canadian psychic Robert Lindsy Milne to discuss his career over the last 6 decades and the journey he has undergone throughout that time.   From starting out realising that perhaps he was tuned into something different at an early agge, Robert’s life saw him endContinue reading “Episode 112: Robert Lindsy Milne”