Episode 109: The Olympic Project and Darcy Weir

Welcome back to Mysteries and Monsters.   This week, we return to the world of Cryptozoology and I am delighted to be joined by two key members of the Olympic Project, David Ellis and Shane Corson, alongside filmaker Darcy Weir.  

Since I started the show, I have wanted to have someone from the Olympic Project as a guest due to the fantastic, science based research the team are working on in the Pacific North West. As someone with a deep interest in all things Sasquatch, the Olympic Project has been the gold standard in cryptozoology for several years now.  

To have Shane and David join me was a real pleasure and we discuss all things Sasquatch alongside Darcy Weir, who’s latest documentary, Sasquatch Among Wildmen features Shane amongst others.  

We discuss how David, Shane and Darcy found themselves drawn into the world of Cryptozoology, the methods they use and we also listen to several audio clips kindly supplied by David for me to use in the show. It was a pleasure having all three on the show and I hope it isn’t too long until we can return to the Olympic Project to discuss even more.

You can find the Olympic Project here:  

Darcy’s website is here:  

Sasquatch Among Wildmen can found on Prime here:  

Thank you to all three great guests this week!  

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All  artwork by Dean Bestall and the show was produced by Brennan Storr of the Ghost Story Guys.  

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