Episode 110: The MacIntosh Stone with Ron Radamacher

Welcome back to Mysteries and Monsters.  

After diving into the world of monsters last week, we delve into a mysterious item found upon the shores of Michigan’s Upper Penisula. Known as the MacIntosh stone, this small, etched stone was discovered simply laying on ground, waiting to be rediscovered.  

On it are some strange and unusual symbols that have caused consternation, confusion and more questions. What are the symbols? Are they an unknown form of Native American writing, a simply clever hoax or proof that European settlers arrived in the America’s far longer than the narative suggests?  

We know the Vikings made it to Nova Scotia, so is it such a stretch to imagine they pushed further down into the Great Lakes area from this settlement.   To discuss this enigmatic mystery is Ron Radamcher, a man with a love of Michigan and a thirst for adventure and mystery.

We discuss the history of the MacIntosh stone, the theories put forward to explain it and the other mysterious clues the area shows us that suggest that maybe what we know isn’t all that.  

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All  artwork by Dean Bestall and the show was produced by Brennan Storr of the Ghost Story Guys.  

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