Episode 218: The Falkland Hill UFO Incident with Malcolm Robinson

September 1996 and an alleged UFO incident occurred that challenged the belief of even the most open minded researchers and investigators and offered the most controversial report of the 1990s in the UK.

4 people, two adults and two children all witnessed strange lights, saw odd creatures and perhaps even had something else occur to them. All of them had different responses to the events they were party to and for some of them, the encounter was just the beginning of the event.

It’s a warm welcome back to Malcolm Robinson to discuss the Falkland Hill incident and offer us an insight based on a first hand report and interview conducted by himself in autumn of 1996.

Some have dismissed it as a hoax, some say it was a hallucination but others believe that something strange happened to those four people on that evening.

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Thank you as always to Malcolm for joining me!

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