Episode 124: Paranormal Researcher Morgan Knudsen

It’s a warm welcome back to Canadian paranormal researcher, investigator, lecturer and author Morgan Knudsen.  

Morgan is well known to anyone who watches Paranormal 911 and Haunted Hospitals on Discovery as well as growing reputation in the field of paranormal research.   With a slant on what can cause a haunting, we discuss a variety of topics in the search for the reality behind hauntings.  

Can an existing family dynamic create the right ingredients for a haunting? Can stress make people more susceptible to a haunting? Is it just energy leaking in from another dimension, causing our brain to misinterpret the information we recieve or are they just ghosts?  

We discuss Morgan’s book “Teaching the Living” which outlines the ideas and scenarios that can lead to what many believe to be hauntings but are they all so easy to explain?   Poltergeists, Wendigos and more are covered in our conversation and it was a pleasure to speak with Morgan again.  

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Thanks Morgan!  

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All artwork by Dean Bestall and the show was produced by Brennan Storr of the Ghost Story Guys.  

Mysteries and Monsters is a part of the Straight Up Strange Network  

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