Episode 137: Theatre Ghosts with Nick Bromley

This week, I am joined by author and West End Stage manager Nick Bromley to delve back into the world of the Paranormal on the hunt for haunted theatres!  Nick’s book, “Stage Ghosts and Haunted Theatres” is a marvellous collection of first hand accounts of paranormal events drawn from theatres across the United Kingdom.  NickContinue reading “Episode 137: Theatre Ghosts with Nick Bromley”

Episode 136: David Race host of the Monstrosity Podcast

This week, its a warm welcome to the host of the marvellous Monstrosity Podcast, David Race. His show mixes pop culture with cryptozoology and a dash of the paranormal with guests from the world of film, TV and music rubbing shoulders with some of the premier investigators in the world including Matt Moneymaker, Linda GodfreyContinue reading “Episode 136: David Race host of the Monstrosity Podcast”

Episode 135: American Cryptids with Kenney W Irish

On this week’s show we return to the world of cryptozoology in the company of author and researcher, Kenney W Irish. Kenney’s recently released his book “American Cryptids:  In Pursuit Of The Elusive Creatures” through Beyond the Fray publishing and offers us an overview of the strange creatures and cryptids in every one of theContinue reading “Episode 135: American Cryptids with Kenney W Irish”

Episode 134: Author Anna Maria Manalo

On today’s show, author and investigator Anna Marie Manalo joins me to discuss her re-released and updated book, Portal: A Lifetime of Paranormal Experiences. Anna has been a supporter of the show, so it was lovely to have her back on to discuss Portal on Mysteries and Monsters. Portal is a book of two parts,Continue reading “Episode 134: Author Anna Maria Manalo”

Episode 133: Diary of Secrets with Nick Redfern

Marilyn Monroe is an icon of our time, despite passing away prematurely in August 1962. Her death has atttracted investigation since that time, with many inconsitencies in the official reports, missing personal items and dangerous personal liaisons with JFK and his brother Robert.  Yet, one aspect of her life seemed to remain hidden until rumoursContinue reading “Episode 133: Diary of Secrets with Nick Redfern”

Episode 132: Nightmare In Holmes County with Patrick Meechan

Haunted houses always attract my attention and my guest today has had the misfortune of finding himself living in two.  PatrickMeechan’s two books, “Nightmare in Holmes County” and “220 Fith Street”, cover both of these unusual, scary and disturbing situations he found himself in.  Patrick, talks us through some of the events that surrounded himself,Continue reading “Episode 132: Nightmare In Holmes County with Patrick Meechan”

Episode 131: Parapsychology with Evelyn Hollow

Joining me on this week’s show is the marvellous Scottish parapsychologist, Evelyn Hollow. Many people will have heard Evelyn as one of the main contributors to the Battersea Poltergeist Podcast on BBC Radio 4 earlier this year.  Evelyn joins me to discuss the show, poltergeist cases, why some sceptical explanations are bad science, her personalContinue reading “Episode 131: Parapsychology with Evelyn Hollow”

Episode 130: Cryptozoology with Carl Marshall

On this week’s show we welcome back Carl Marshall from the Centre of Fortean Zoology back to the show as we dive into the wide world of Cryptozoology and the methods utilised in the field.  From Sea Serpents to the Kraken, Giant Hogs to Pizzlies, Bigfoot to Mystery Black Cats, we cover a whole spectrumContinue reading “Episode 130: Cryptozoology with Carl Marshall”

Episode 129: Crop Circles with Gary King, Stephen Bassett and Darcy Weir

This week, we dive into a topic we’ve never covered before and one that comes with plenty of controversy, Crop Circles.   Since they exploded into the public consciousness in the late 1980s, they’ve been debunked, ridiculed and explained as the work of two men. Yet can two men really be responsible for every agrglyphContinue reading “Episode 129: Crop Circles with Gary King, Stephen Bassett and Darcy Weir”

Episode 128: Bigfoot with Amy Bue

It’s a welcome return to the search for Bigfoot with the wonderful Amy Bue. Amy has made a name for herself in the last decade as a diligent, humble and driven researcher in the field of cryptozoology.   Since witnessing a strange creature whilst driving in Ohio ten years ago, Amy has dedicated herself toContinue reading “Episode 128: Bigfoot with Amy Bue”